Skin It – Part 2 (4 Skins)

Last post here –Skin It – set the tone to bring out three new colors. Now there are total four colors – Black, Cyan, Magenta and White; all the colors offered on Lumia 610 by Nokia.

Here you go, click on the image to download that skin:


[Update: Do pick Nokia Lumia 900 skins from here – Skin It – Part 3 (Nokia Lumia 900)]

I have been programming for last 14 years and still enjoying it. Currently I am working on a WP7 app, a substantially big app, which is going to bring some pro class abilities to WP users. For frequent updates, do follow me here on twitter. And yes there will be more goodies, and of course skins (i have a skin fever, now:-)) very soon.

Please see last post for installation instructions.

Thanks, and enjoy coding!!!

3 thoughts on “Skin It – Part 2 (4 Skins)

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