Windows Phone Store Journey – Day 62

Time is Now

Microsoft’s coherent offerings across multiple services and devices – Windows 8 RT, Windows 8 Pro, Windows Phone, XBOX, and Bing, have given developers immense opportunities to get inspired, innovate, and improve upon their offerings. There could be no better time to develop with MS technologies and thrive. I created Avirall for Windows Phone first and published it on 10 Aug 2013. Avirall’s journey ever since has not been an iota less than encouraging.

Avirall Store Figures


  • 1355 reviews

  • 6328 stars

  • 64 market features

Timeline InfoGraphics


7 thoughts on “Windows Phone Store Journey – Day 62

  1. Sanjay – how did you create that infographic? Love it. Would like to make one like that for my family. Congratulations on your app success.

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