Downloads : [X] 100,000 [ ] 500,000 [ ] 1,000,000 [ ] 10,000,000

Avirall skyrocketed total downloads of PilcrowApps to 100,000 downloads today. Here is my a/c screen shot.


Achieving download goal in this short (as per my expectations) period is especially important because one, it achieved this feat without any real advertising, and two, Avirall does not belong in top three categories of apps people download. Top three app download categories, in descending order, are Games, Social, and Entertainment. Avirall is fighting bravely in Windows Phone store. Hurray for Avirall.

So now the plan looks like this:

  1. [X] 100,000 Downloads
  2. [__] 500,000 Downloads  (by 2013 end)
  3. [__] 1,000,000 Downloads (Q1 2014)
  4. [__] 10,000,000 Downloads (Q3 2014)

I know 3. and 4. could prove too imaginative if proper resources are not put in place. So I am looking for best possible way to promote the app and improve upon the frequency of new feature updates. With next few weeks, I believe, things will come on track.

I have this plan only because you are with Avirall and I am sure we can achieve these milestones.





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