Avirall Time Suite : Update 1.2.8544.0

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With simple timer to professional task tracking, Avirall is a Windows Phone exclusive and unique suite of 5 innovative millisecond precise professional grade time keeping tools. Avirall has Quick Stopwatch, Stopwatch Pro for sports people, and students, Timer Pro, Activity Logger and Project tracker to keep track of your projects, tasks, money, profits, and payments. Best tool for freelancers. You can create and maintain multiple timekeepers with each of the tools and keep them running for as long as you need them. Timekeepers in Avirall maintain themselves even if you shut your device off completely. Professional class clocks have days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. You can edit, remove, or keep timekeepers on your device. Some unique features of Avirall are:
– Tasks & profiles
– Mail sharing
– Multiple projects with multiple tasks, rates, earning, payments and summaries
– Alarm and notifications for timers
– Photo sharing
– Pin TaskTimer to Start screen for instant access
– Define millisecond precision for individual timekeepers
– Running timekeepers adjust with current time zone of the device
– Lots of settings to control app’s behavior
– Image attachments in every timekeeper



Oct 2013 [Ver 1.2.8544.0]

-3 new time styles
-Project report image design update
-Now supports 6 languages – en, fr, de, nl, ch, ru
-Peek view re-designed
-Quick stopwatch digital area redesigned
-Large tile for 7.8 and 8.0
-Bug Fixes

Sep 2013 [Ver 1.1.8338.0]

-Bug Fixes
-Imagery change for more contemporary design
-Comprehensive title – Avirall Time Suite
-Help button on Quick Stopwatch
-Tool names changed
-New timekeeper’s default name will be “New [hh:mm:ss]

Aug 2013 [Ver 1.0.8112.0 ]

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