Poll: My Dingbat Font Under CC License

I designed and developed following TrueType dingbat font, PilcrowTimeSuite.ttf, for my app Avirall Time Suite, hence TimeSuite in the name.


PilcrowTimeSuite.ttf by Sanjay Sharma

I am planning to release PilcrowTimeSuite.ttf font under CC license. But I am little hesitant because this font was created with very specific purpose and also I am not sure about how useful this symbol set is for other development. With this I also think there are many elements in the font which are general purpose in nature. So I am in a fix. Do you think this would be useful for app developers or for any other purpose?. If I get enough responses, I will release the font under CC. Under CC you are licensed to use the creation in question in your projects without any royalty or fee. Please respond to the poll below:

Follow me on Twitter here – @SanjayAtPilcrow, and RT to support this move!

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