Windows Phone App Makeover By Design Guru Arturo Toledo

My Twitter.Connect had this surprise mention this morning:


Chief Architect of and ex Microsoft UX Guru Arturo Toledo has graciously accepted my request to help make-over my app Avirall. DVLUP and WPCentral have helped me forward my case to Mr Toledo. Thank you so much to all of you! I am looking forward to take Avirall to level^2 with Mr. Toledo’s consultancy.

Before my app was accepted for this design session, I had a chance to attend a fantastic web session by Toledo about how to make Windows Phone apps better UX-wise in general and design-wise in particular. The talk was so informational and encouraging that I felt a need to re-visit Avirall design wise. With inputs from the session and with my limited understanding of subject at hand, I came up with some functionality to improve UX and also some aesthetical changes to make Avirall’s home hub a bit richer. The said updates are in development and getting ready for future versions of Avirall.



After Open Web Session:


Further After Avirall Specific Design Consultancy:


I think Avirall is going to get a tremendous makeover with inputs from Arturo Toledo. Why do I think so? Because, I believe, for one, if one is so passionate about design it’s going to shine through his inputs for Avirall and for two, if an open web session can have such an impact on me, a one-to-one app specific session can do miracles. Hope I can keep up with his contribution and execute them at the level of his expectation. Here are some of Arturo’s thoughts about design which are sharp and brilliant:






Your app can also get a makeover from Arturo Toledo. How? Know more here.

You might also be interested in my earlier posts related to Avirall’s design –  My Fonts, Icons in Accent Color, and Quick Stopwatch Design Iteration.

5 thoughts on “Windows Phone App Makeover By Design Guru Arturo Toledo

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  3. Very nice, I got a design review for my app Run and Shoot, but I haven’t yet implemented his proposed changes. Finishing off a new app first, and then I’ll update Run and Shoot. Can’t wait to see the end result for avirall.

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