Where Are The Buyers of Your App?

Fairly popular timekeeping app Avirall is on Windows Phone Store for about 5.5+ months now and has been downloaded 200,000+ times with 12,000+ reviews and 4.5+ stars average ratings. Download data of Avirall could be a good set of data to know about users’ buying behavior on Windows Phone store. With the help of latest information available in Excel export from Windows Phone Dev Center, I created following graph. The comparison between free, trial, and paid downloads can give a good deal of insight into users’ app download and buying behaviors in different countries. I gather following from the chart:

  • USA is clear leader in both free and paid downloads.
  • US buyers care less about trying before buying.
  • But, Germans care even less, and they are good buyers as well.
  • Indians want it free, also try it (more than even USA) but buy very little.
  • Chinese try more than they download for free, and buy more than Indians but less than English.
  • Your app’s buyers may be in USA, Germany, UK, China, Russia, Australia, France, and HK SAR.
  • [What do you gather?]


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