11 Things to Do During Earthhour

First, keep all your lights switched off between 09:30PM and 10:30PM.


You can do these 11 things during earth hour!

1. Watch Moon!

Natural Glow by Kurt Farrar, on Flickr
Natural Glow, a photo by Kurt Farrar on Flickr.

2. Take out all fluorescent toys!

Here’s my glow!, a photo by Nina Helmer on Flickr.

Glowing Monsters by David Pickett, on Flickr
Glowing Monsters, a photo by David Pickett on Flickr.

3. Stargazing

4. Glowsticks

Glowstick By Phone by Eric Peacock, on Flickr
Glowstick By Phone, a photo by Eric Peacock on Flickr.

5. Prank

6. Produce light from mushroom

Natural llumination by Shannan Mortimer, on Flickr
Natural llumination, a photo by Shannan Mortimer on Flickr.

7. Marvel at these fluorescent Jelly Fish

8. Find a rock

9. Skip

Indy Air Bears 2008 by DRSPIEGEL14, on Flickr
Indy Air Bears 2008, a photo by DRSPIEGEL14 on Flickr.

10. Talk

talking in the dark in brooklyn by Amy, on Flickr
talking in the dark in brooklyn, a photo by Amy on Flickr.

11. Sleep

Sleeping on Dad’s chest, a photo by Tom Trelvik on Flickr.

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