i wasn’t even out of college, in the month of Jun 1995, when my elder brother handed me a 5.25” floppy and asked me to boot a hard-disk less 128K XT. He then introduced me to BASIC’s most important command LET. It’s been 17 years since and about 500,000 LOCs under my, umm…, fingers, i, still today, find it exciting to conceive, design, code, and bring code to life. This has been a journey starting from programmer-cum-entrepreneur to senior dev to delivery manager to VP Applications in Seattle, US and back to resource-less programmer-cum-entrepreneur in a small town in the center of India. As a coder at heart, i have written 1000s of procedural LOCs in single .BAS files, and i have also built software – idea to executable – with tons of classes, interfaces, and patterns. I have designed and coded databases with multiple indexes and SELECTD-ed them with SQL and i have also worked with data in JSON and plain text file. i have been the owner of corporate site development on SharePoint with multiple lists and workflows, and i have also owned design, development and delivery of Sitecore projects. i have worked with 10’X10’ shop-owners on dirt-roads in my home town circa 1997, and i have also lead an offshore development center with 200+ engineers, SDETs and SDEs, having projects from the likes of MS, Expedia, Intel and Kodak. The journey continues. In this phase, I am focusing on mobile products with hybrid app dev technology.

I published my first mobile app last year on Windows Phone platform in 7 languages – English, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Dutch, and Spanish. It kinda did well – 0.5+ Million downloads with 40K+ 4.5 star reviews. Currently I am developing a service+product in hybrid HTML5+JS for all major mobile platforms and web. It is a cloud based, GPS tracking oriented social service. This app is going to be released for global audience in top 10 languages initially and then extended to all the languages worldwide. I am shooting for about 2 Million users in first 2-3 months of publication.

Techs and tools I have first hand experience with – C#, XAML, JavaScript, Angular, Ionic, HTML5, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Apache Cordova (Adobe Phonegap), Web API, oAuth, JSON, XML, SharePoint, Sitecore, Azure… (‘Learn’ pipeline is still pretty full. TypeScript, F#, Swift, and Java are immediate ones.)

On this blog i write about technology | hands-on-code | management | mobile | graphics | i-do-not-know-what.

Views expressed here may be yours too. 😀

Let’s get in touch:

LinkedIn : Sanjay-Sharma
Facebook : sanjay.sharma.ind
Twitter : @SanjayAtPilcrow

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