11 Things to Do During Earthhour

First, keep all your lights switched off between 09:30PM and 10:30PM.


You can do these 11 things during earth hour!

1. Watch Moon!

Natural Glow by Kurt Farrar, on Flickr
Natural Glow, a photo by Kurt Farrar on Flickr.

2. Take out all fluorescent toys!

Here’s my glow!, a photo by Nina Helmer on Flickr.

Glowing Monsters by David Pickett, on Flickr
Glowing Monsters, a photo by David Pickett on Flickr.

3. Stargazing

4. Glowsticks

Glowstick By Phone by Eric Peacock, on Flickr
Glowstick By Phone, a photo by Eric Peacock on Flickr.

5. Prank

6. Produce light from mushroom

Natural llumination by Shannan Mortimer, on Flickr
Natural llumination, a photo by Shannan Mortimer on Flickr.

7. Marvel at these fluorescent Jelly Fish

8. Find a rock

9. Skip

Indy Air Bears 2008 by DRSPIEGEL14, on Flickr
Indy Air Bears 2008, a photo by DRSPIEGEL14 on Flickr.

10. Talk

talking in the dark in brooklyn by Amy, on Flickr
talking in the dark in brooklyn, a photo by Amy on Flickr.

11. Sleep

Sleeping on Dad’s chest, a photo by Tom Trelvik on Flickr.

A 13 Yr Old With His Nokia Lumia 925 | 130 KM Drive in MP, the Heart of India

Heart of India

Heart of India

80 KM Route

80 KM Route


Highway (Nokia Lumia 925)


Shikhar (Nokia Lumia 925)


Moving (Nokia Lumia 925)

So Far So Good

So Far So Good (Nokia Lumia 925)

Mobile Home

Mobile Home (Nokia Lumia 925)


Ship (Nokia Lumia 925)


Gadaria (Nokia Lumia 925)

Sky is Our Roof (Nokia Lumia 925)

Sky is Our Roof (Nokia Lumia 925)


Journey (Nokia Lumia 925)


Highway (Nokia Lumia 925)


Horizon (Nokia Lumia 925)


Sky (Nokia Lumia 925)




3D (Nokia Lumia 925)