GIMP : Quick Raster Tut

GIMP : Quick Raster Tut

Off-coding, off-requirement, just a casual and quick GIMP demo-like-tut for raster image.

Download latest GIMP here.

Enjoy GIMPing!

Download Lumia 925 Emulator Skin

Have you seen this feature demo video of Avirall? (jump to 00:50)

Do you like the emulator? This is Visual Studio Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 925 emulator skin, i created :D.


You can also create your own app demo video with this skin! Download this skin from here.

Instructions about how to apply skin to your emulator are here.

Happy skinning, oops!

Icons In Accent Color

You have about 50 different icons in your app. You want to show them in dynamic color (determined by user/device at runtime) in different sizes at different places. You want them to be lightweight and swift to render. If you go by traditional PNG way, you could somewhat achieve (no scalability) it with about 2000 different files of no less than 5MB. Here is my proven solution to achieve this with a 15KB, yes a single 15KB file.

If you have used my app Avirall Time Suite, you must have noticed that throughout the app, where required, icons adopt accent color. Some elements in the app are also shown in dynamic contrast color of the accent color. I will write another post about how to get contrast color of the accent color. Following are screen shots of the app with different accent colors and different size icons. Notice New, Recent, and Options sections:

I had to meet following requirements to achieve accent color icons in the app:

    • There are about 50 different icons in the app to be shown in current theme accent on the device.
    • At different places same icons have different sizes.
    • No JPG because of lack of alpha channel.
    • No PNG because though it had alpha channel, color and size scalability is an issue. 50 icons X 4 sizes X 12 accent color would have gotten to unmanageable 2400 icon files, and still it would support only rigid 12 accent colors.
    • So, no raster images.
    • No paths – managing complex paths would not be easy, plus i was not sure about the performance compared to the solution I was thinking.

So I decided to develop and design my own custom dingbat TTF font. Having fonts for icons has following pros:

  • Very light file containing all 50+ icons. Just 15KB!
  • System renders the fonts as text, so no performance issue.
  • Easy Color and size scalability.
  • Low maintenance.

Following are the cons:

  • No gradient. (Though it’s possible but I have not experimented)
  • Font creation is a pain, initially.

You could also think of using fonts for icons, if you need color/size variations in your app for a large number of icons.

I have released the font I created for Avirall, under OPEN FONT LICENSE. Read this post for details.

Happy coding!

Released: My Dingbat Font Under OPEN FONT LICENSE

Thanks for participating in the poll and supporting my decision to distribute the font designed and created by me as open source. Now, I have published my font under OPEN FONT LICENSE as PilcrowIcons. Originally the font was created for my app:


If you are interested in the app you can download it here – Avirall Time Suite.

These symbols and icons are available in PilcrowIcons for now.


PilcrowIcons.ttf by Sanjay Sharma


Follow me on Twitter here – @SanjayAtPilcrow, and RT to support this move!

You can download the font at OPEN FONT LIBRARY.

Thanks again!

Poll: My Dingbat Font Under CC License

I designed and developed following TrueType dingbat font, PilcrowTimeSuite.ttf, for my app Avirall Time Suite, hence TimeSuite in the name.


PilcrowTimeSuite.ttf by Sanjay Sharma

I am planning to release PilcrowTimeSuite.ttf font under CC license. But I am little hesitant because this font was created with very specific purpose and also I am not sure about how useful this symbol set is for other development. With this I also think there are many elements in the font which are general purpose in nature. So I am in a fix. Do you think this would be useful for app developers or for any other purpose?. If I get enough responses, I will release the font under CC. Under CC you are licensed to use the creation in question in your projects without any royalty or fee. Please respond to the poll below:

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