Cortana in Microsoft Office 16 and in Smartwatch (Vine Videos)

Cortana in Microsoft Office 16 and in Smartwatch (Vine Videos)

“Cortana in Office” Vine videos are below in the post.

I heard some new features are coming to Office 16. One of them will supposedly be some assistant similar to Clippy. I suggest, let’s not bother Clippy any more, just say – “Cortana, will you assist Office users on Windows 9”. She gladly will. After all, Cortana is a Personal Digital Assistant. Following are some scenarios I envisioned with MS Office:

  • “Cortana, create a table with 5 rows and 10 columns”.
  • “Cortana, in cell A5, find the average of values in cells A1 to A4.
  • “Cortana, find a 200 word excerpt from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and insert in the document.”

So I virtually (yes) put Cortana in Office 16 in these Vine videos (feels real with sound, so enable sound):

And here is Cortana helping with Formula. (enable sound, disable the first one :D)

How about Cortana reminding on a smartwatch!? (And if you are interested this is my smart timekeeping app for your Windows Phone, free and no adverts)

I like Cortana. If you do too, you might like my other futuristic Cortana integration fact-ions.

Cortana, find me the nearest top-rated coffee shop?

Cortana, Sing Me A Song…

Cortana, Sing Me A Song…

Here is a quick trial of Cortana on WP8.1 dev preview on my Nokia Lumia 925. The funniest one is:
Me: “Sing me a song”
Cortana: “O Danny Boy the pipes are pipes are calling” 😀

See for yourself some fantastic capabilities of Cortana along with some funny takes, 0_0 :

Hi, I’m Cortana.

It’s thrilling to hear Jen Taylor speak through the speakers of your Windows Phone – “Hi. I’m Cortana.” The personal digital assistant in the latest update of Windows Phone, could have been some other name, but Microsoft was forced by a petition to stick to “Cortana”, a name casually given by Robert Howard as a codename. So there are so many things Cortana can do.
The most important thing for developers is that the natural speech recognition services of Cortana will be available to developers. They can integrate VR in their code and need not bother about complex natural language grammar. I am hoping for apps with capabilities to listen to your commands (no special training required for individual apps) and act accordingly. “Cortana, ask ‘XYZ app’ to draw a circle and fill it with red color”! “Cortana, ask Avirall to create and start a 3 hour timer”. I am still not sure when Cortana will be available globally (currently it will be available in US only), and also it’s not clear how Cortana will be opened up for third party developers. So, keep in touch!