NokiaX Strategy : WPDev Fears!

I thought Normandy etc were rumors and Nokia+MS will never make the mistake of trying to cross enemy lines (yes, i know there are no enemy lines for businesses. but…) to win some battles on a tough to fight ground. I say Nokia+MS because I am not for believing that at this juncture of the deal Nokia could have gone and built Android devices on its own when it could not do it back then when they were an independent company. Tough fight because, Android scene is totally dominated by a much larger player than Nokia in hardware and much larger player than Microsoft in mobile OS. But, they did it. And, boy, if this is a strategy (as our Daniel Rubino of WPCentral suggests in his post here – Nokia‚Äôs shrewd move with the Nokia X undermines Google, bolsters Microsoft), are they really thinking! Are they thinking about those phone buyers who want a simpler Nokia path to stay on? Are they thinking about the confusion they have created for new buyers? Are they thinking about the dent they have made to the psyche of early adopters and loyal Windows Phone users, who did not come to Windows Phone because they couldn’t leave without, but they came to it because they could not stand other platforms? Are they thinking about the developers who helped built an ecosystem of healthy numbers of apps around a new, fresh, and promising platform, i.e. WP? Are they thinking that Windows Phone developers need to reap from their hard efforts they have put into WP? Are they thinking that this move is like shooing away developers from WP development? What are they thinking about? With NokiaX they have confused consumers. With NokiaX they have confused developers.

Just for the sake of argument, have a look at the impact of this strategy, if it is one, on phone buyers’ decision making. Decide for yourself, if this is a helping strategy or confusing strategy.


New Buyer’s confusion: Should I buy Nokia Asha or NokiaX?
Nokia Asha Users’ confusion: Now, should I buy NokiaX+ or Lumia 520?
NokiaX users’ confusion: Should I buy NokiaX+ or Lumia 520?
NokiaX+ users’ confusion: Should I buy Lumia or NokiaXL or some other high end Android?

WPDev’s confusion: Should I continue investing in WP ecosystem?

I am hoping Microsoft will soon do something to elevate WPDevs’ confidence in one of the best smartphone platforms, Windows Phone. WPDevs are your own devs, Microsoft. We know you are device and services company now but do not leave the technology and its developers in a fix. Let us know. We are also doing business. Hoping for the best!