Nokia Lumia 900 White Skin Now Available (others are following)

My apologies for being late in bringing out the skin as promised, because the WP7 application i am working on is keeping me busy all the time. i am rarely finding any time to work on any other stuff. The app is in final test pass phase and bug fixes are going on. Sifting through 14K lines of only cs code is no less than a daunting task. i have fixed 76 HP and MP issues from TP1 and still 23 remaining. Bugs are really bugging me at this point of time – why productivity goes down south while bug fixing. i know TP2 and TP3 are gonna bring out more issues, but i am ready!!! By the way every test pass includes automatic Load Testing for CRUD operations, 300+ manual test cases including – data, UI, navigation, and perf testing.

i am excited to provide WP dev community with the emulator skin of this beautiful and most talked about Nokia Lumia 900 White. You would surely want to showcase your app running inside the emulator decorated with Nokia Lumia 900 skin. Follow these steps to install the skins on your dev box:

  • Download the skin pack, which has following files in a zip format
    • NokiaLumia900_up. png
    • NokiaLumia900_down. png
    • NokiaLumia900_mask
    • WM7_skin.xml
  • Close the WP emulator if running.
  • Navigate to your XDE (emulator) install folder, which is usually in C:\Program Files\Microsoft XDE\1.0.
  • Take a back-up of existing emulator skin files. Following are default skin files:
    • WM7_skin.xml
    • WM7_Skin_Down.png
    • WM7_Skin_Up.png
    • WM7_Skin_Mask.png
  • Copy into XDE folder all the four files from the zip you downloaded  – overwrite WM7_skin.xml.
  • Run WP emulator and voilà, it’s now beautiful Nokia Lumia 900 White. Why don’t you also change the background of your screen to some solid dark/light color and experiment to choose the best matching color to highlight the white frame of your emulator.

Keep checking. Other colors – Magenta, Cyan, Black, and custom colors – are coming soon.

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Note: Did you check my Nokia Lumia 610 skins, they are awesome.

Download Nokia Lumia 900 White skin pack.

Enjoy programming!