Cortana in Microsoft Office 16 and in Smartwatch (Vine Videos)

Cortana in Microsoft Office 16 and in Smartwatch (Vine Videos)

“Cortana in Office” Vine videos are below in the post.

I heard some new features are coming to Office 16. One of them will supposedly be some assistant similar to Clippy. I suggest, let’s not bother Clippy any more, just say – “Cortana, will you assist Office users on Windows 9”. She gladly will. After all, Cortana is a Personal Digital Assistant. Following are some scenarios I envisioned with MS Office:

  • “Cortana, create a table with 5 rows and 10 columns”.
  • “Cortana, in cell A5, find the average of values in cells A1 to A4.
  • “Cortana, find a 200 word excerpt from Shakespeare’s Macbeth and insert in the document.”

So I virtually (yes) put Cortana in Office 16 in these Vine videos (feels real with sound, so enable sound):

And here is Cortana helping with Formula. (enable sound, disable the first one :D)

How about Cortana reminding on a smartwatch!? (And if you are interested this is my smart timekeeping app for your Windows Phone, free and no adverts)

I like Cortana. If you do too, you might like my other futuristic Cortana integration fact-ions.

Cortana, find me the nearest top-rated coffee shop?